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Uploading and Posting Images

Guidelines to help keep the forums clean and make sure everyone posts the same way. a Must-Read for first-time users!

Uploading and Posting Images

Postby Bikini_King » Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:49 pm

This is meant to be a guideline on uploading images to the gallery.

This entire process is much easier than is seems when you read this, so just give it a try and you'll be on your way very quickly. Make sure you preview your posts before submitting and you'll understand the steps.

Attachements are disabled in the forums so you *have* to upload your pictures to the gallery, and then simply link to them in the forum posts. You can also link to anyone's images using the same BBCode and discuss them in the forums.

For now, there is only one way to upload images, and that is through the gallery. I may look into bulk upload options later on, if the interest is big enough.

Please ensure your images are at least 640x480 in size.

Make sure you upload in the right category. if a picture can fit in many categories, just place in the one that is most obvious. For example, A celebrity at the beach, should go in Celebrities. If you make a mistake depending on your permissions, you may be able to move them yourself, but if you can't, just PM a moderator or Bikini_King; let us know which picture and where you think it should go.

Once you are in the correct category for your pictures, click on "New Image" at the top.

    Imagename, is the name of the image as it will appear in the gallery, regardless of the filename
    {NUM}, you can add this anywhere in your imagename to number each picture uploaded. Specify at what number you want it to start. If you are continuing a previous series, start at the next number.
    Image Description, you can use this to give any details and description about the image you are uploading. you can even use BBCode in this section
    File, this is where you can choose the files to upload. The current limit is set to 10 at a time right now. this can be adjusted if we ever need to.

When you are done, press submit and your image(s) should be inserted in the gallery.

Current Limits:
File Size: 2 megabytes (2048000 bytes). Many file are larger than this, but you can simply resize them to a more suitable size before uploading.
Maximum Width and Height: 1920 x 1200. This is enough for any "HD" images which should be 1920x1080.
File Types: the only supported file types are JPG and PNG. .GIF files do not offer the quality and security required.

Once your images are in the gallery, you will want to share and discuss them in the forums. Simply go in the correct forum and start talking!
To post link to images, you will have to use BBCode in your posts. That is very simple to do.

you can find the link code to any image when you view that image. There are 2 links that you can use, they look like this:
Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Both of those will give the same result in your post, so you will probably want to use the shorter "Album" tag.

The number between the tags represents the Picture ID (not the album ID) that will be displayed and linked. in this example, it displays the picture with ID "2" from the gallery. and it will look like this:

If you know the number or ID of the picture you want to display, you can simply press the "album" button on the post body editor and add the correct number in there. the button will write the surrounding tags for you.

There are several ways to figure out what are the IDs of every picture you want to display. Usually, you'll want to show a series of pictures you uploaded, so they should be sequential. if you hover your mouse over the pictures you want to display while you are in the gallery, you will see the URL to each image. At the end of each URL is the ID of that picture. for instance:
Code: Select all

the image ID in this URL is 20. so you would use:
Code: Select all

which would appear like: 20

Once again, this entire process is much easier than is seems when you read this, so just give it a try and you'll be on your way very quickly. Just make sure you preview your posts before submitting them and you'll see what the BBcodes do. Use the forums if you need help with anything, that's what they're for :-)
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